Jordan is now 17 years old and he is now working by picking up recycleable thing…

Jordan is now 17 years old and he is now working by picking up recycleable things from the garbage and sometimes he drive a pedicab and he plans to have a baby with his girlfirend who is only 15yo.

Kirara is now 18 and she has two kids now and his husband is also 18yo and they live and sleep at the side of 711 where she works by selling cigarette to jeepney drivers and sometimes his first born is begging food at a tender age of 3 in front of 711 while she is busy working and her husband is drinking red horse with his friends.

Ej is now 14yo and he wanted to go to school but they dont have money to do that and he decided to just work in the junkshop to earn money to help his parents and because of this he dont go to school anymore since he was 10yo. he stop whe he was only grade 5.

Wait this is not another sad story or poverty porn that we want to share to you, but if these kids did not receive the help that you share to them, probably this sad stories of poverty and failing in life can happen to them…

Here is what happened when you start caring and helping even in a very little way…

These three kids live in the street since they were born, we were just feeding them with food that we can afford to share from our home, left over food, used school uniform, used school bags, shoes and other things…and then when they started going to school, slowly we tried to help them by giving them school supplies, paying for their school projects, giving them allowance and doing our best to help them even if we don’t have enough help coming for help them.

Fast forward 2019 from feeding them, to giving them very little help, to building a little house, to giving them bicycle to inviting them in our house to eat with us, and for sending them back to the province and finally all the hard work is getting good results!!!

now They do not sleep in the street anymore 🙂

Jordan is turning Grade 9 now, Kirara is turning Grade 11 and Ej is turning Grade 7 and all three of them plus their two more siblings and one friend that we are all helping are all going to school next week and this is all because of All Your Help! your effort and your dedication to help! Now they have a different Dream compared before, now they want to finish their studies, now they want to have a clearer view of their path.

Thanks for helping them since 2010 and until today


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