Rush Rider's Manila to Romblon Pt. 1 – Manila Video

Pt.1 of our 10 day trip to Romblon thanks for watching and please subscribe to our channel.

Camera is a GoPro Hero 6 1080p 30fps

Camera #2 Canon G7X

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Music is from Bensound.

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  1. What an adventure! Moto travel to Romblon is no doubt tiring but thats a once in a lifetime travel and an awesome adventure. Thanks for sharing.
    WALKING CHANNEL BELOW : You can watch here Street Vendors, Shopping Malls, Factories, Restaurants, Hotels and more. Watch this channel to see amazing and busy streets of MANILA and the Philippines.

  2. Bonjour, merci pour le partage , nous te souhaitons bonne journée, amicalement , Fabien et Aurélie !!!

  3. Wow 140-160 kilometer here is know you are tired.. how about my fingers. And hands would ache and back..I can't do it any more..lots different here than USA as you know.. thumbs up watch all as always

  4. ive ridden motorcycles all my life been a member off ulysses motorcycle for years the longest ride ive done in a day is 1000 ks its a ride that is done annually and i thought why not when i got home took a long hot bath and didnt ride my bike untill following sunday to meet up with a few mates for a short ride about 200 kilometers idd go every weekend for a good ride averaged about 500 kilometers most rides and love it nothing like beeing on a big bike doing around 120 kilometers an hour and urr problems stay behind you

  5. This is one of the best Vloggs


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