Manila bay cafe La Cafe Philippines – Manila Video

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Manila is the capital of the Philippines.
Manila bay cafe or La Cafe is most popular bar with freelancers in Manila Ermita and Malate area.
Ermita and Malate is area with biggest nightlife and red light district in Manila Philippines except P. Burgos street.
Manila bay cafe and La cafe is same legendary bar, just 2 names for 1 bar.
Manila bay cafe is a local name and LA Cafe is a real name of the bar with many freelance girls!
Inside bar tens or hundreds freelance girls, 2 floors, few sections with different misuc, different vibe, and pool tables.
Manila bay cafe La Cafe is legendary unique bar open 24 hours.
Night time and weekends more girls, but you will find a lot of girls (beautiful freelancer) at any time of the day and any day of the week.
You can’t find something similar in malate or ermita of Manila Philippines. Angeles city doesn’t have any similar bar.
Maybe it is biggest and most popular bar with freelancers in the world.
Some of girls younger some of girls older, some of freelancers more pretty some of freelancers less pretty.

In this video I show most popular and legendary freelance bar – Manila bay cafe La Cafe Philippines 2018.

00:43 Nighttime. Manila – Philippines. Manila bay cafe “La Cafe”
01:01 Most popular bar with freelancers Open 24 hours Ermita and Malate
01:15 All girls are freelancers
01:31 Few zones with pool tables
02:05 I never have seen ladyboys in the bar I think ladyboys are not allowed
02:28 I think most of girls about 25-30 years old , But some of girls young and pretty
02:50 More silent zone
03:05 2-nd floor with live music
03:16 Girls and customers listen a music band.
03:58 130 peso ($2.5) beer, 100 peso ($2) entrance to the 2nd floor
04:46 All girls are freelancers! No regular girls here!
06:23 Group of freelance girls on the La cafe bar
06:36 Elegant girl in manila bay cafe
07:32 Some days girls are 2-3 times more at freelance bar
08:08 Many girls have daytime job in Manila
08:32 Some of girls really funny and pretty

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  1. Have a lot of information in Description. Nice ?

  2. I loved it in that part of manila..malate is it or mulate …duno……an that bar was funny haha amazing place

  3. if the bar is full of freelancers why are they not approaching you? at least calling you over to thier table etc ? hello sir ? asking you to sit and have a drink ? i know you will say and or the chat will say they are waiting for you to approach them , im just shocked they dont hustle for the money like thailand girls would


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