A Guide To Coworking In The Philippines

With office space in the city being ridiculously difficult to come by in the Philippines, especially for foreigners not familiar with commercial real estate, alternative serviced providers have brought a twist to conventional office leasing in the country, namely coworking. For cities like Manila where traffic and air pollution can make working in the city unattractive, the coworking space can make the workday a better experience by exposing professionals to the tools needed to succeed. If working close to the beach, while you might have a little trouble with your Wi-Fi connection, meeting people and engaging the environment can be an experience in and of itself.

Your coworking space in the Philippines can be anywhere between upscale and sophisticated and modest but very laid-back. Whether working in the densely populated cities or the open air beaches, the coworking space improve your work environment. With newer and more attractive places coming onto the scene all over the country, professionals can find that coworking spaces run the gamut. Click on Servcorp Manila’s website at http://www.servcorp.com.ph/en/coworking/ to see the way this coworking space can make work comfortable.

Let’s take a closer look at the many ways that a coworking space in the Philippines can aid your business’s success.

The Coworking Space Landscape

In the Philippines, you can find spaces that run the gamut in the country, from your basic space that provides you with a Wi-Fi connection and maybe access to food and beverages to your more upscale ones that offer a concierge package. However, in general, businesses will encounter three types of spaces – general, niche, and industry-specific. Niche and industry-specific space cater to businesses with a particular mission or industry, and the general coworking spaces are opened to all professionals.

The best space for your business all depends on your business’s needs and the purpose for which you plan to use the space. While the industry-specific and niche spaces cater to your business’s specific needs, you might be limited by the number of resources you can find in the space and diversity across the industries. Either way, all of these spaces provide their tenants with the two tools that created business growth—workspace and community.

A Mix Between Coworking And Living

Another type of coworking space that has evolved from its original incarnation is the coliving space, and the Philippines coworking landscape has been one of the countries in the Asia Pacific market that has pioneered this new mix of workspace and living space. While this tends to be the stomping ground of the digital nomad, these spaces can be attractive to all professionals because they provide long-term living space for professionals who might be working in the country. The coliving arrangement provides businesses with accommodations and a place to work, making planning to travel much more efficient.

Finding A Working Community

The good coworking spaces are separated from the great ones simply through their emphasis on community. Good coworking spaces provide their tenants with all of the tools necessary to work, and some of them also provide some really good perks. The great coworking spaces make an effort to host events that get the community to come together. Social engagement, whether for formal events or just to hang out, can give professionals the chance to get to know one another without the pretentiousness that can be a part business, which makes building relationships for the purpose of collaboration much simpler. If looking to leverage your coworking space, seek out spaces that emphasize social engagement.

A Guide To Workplace Community

The workplace of the past is forever gone in this new landscape that treasures collaboration. The Filipino coworking space landscape has a variety of spaces from which to choose depending on how you want to use this space. Whether heading to the shores or staying in the city, Coworking Philippines can be a place for both work and networking.


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