Lucy Jackson Smith 1920 – Manila Picture

Lucy Jackson Smith 1920

Lucy Jackson
African American music hall and variety performer. The performing partner of William Henry Smith from ca. 1908. Jackson and Smith were married sometime around 1919.
b NYC 4 Oct 1876 md to William H. Smith (b Phila PA).

Passport Applications etc.

19 Dec 1903 applies at Hamburg Germany for travel to St Petersburg, Russia.b 17 Oct 1877 in Montreal Canada to an American citizen. By occupation a dancer, she is 5’ 0” tall and described as “a negress”. Passport #914 issued at Hamburg.

19 May 1908 applies at Bucharest, Roumania for travel in Europe. She refers to passport #914 issued 19 Dec 1903 (see above), however, there is a noticeable change in the signature on the 1908 application and henceforth. Born 4 Oct 1876 in NYC, 5’ 0” tall, black complexion.

29 Dec 1910 applies at Vienna for travel to Bucharest to fulfill theatrical engagements. States she left the US in May 1896.

26 Dec 1913 applies at Hamburg for travel to Russia and Roumania for 6 months.

3 Jan 1916 applies at Moscow for travel in Russia and Sweden. She identifies herself as a widow. Attestation by Emma E Harris, Kozikinski St. 12.

9 Nov 1917 applies at Moscow for travel in Russia, Scandinavian Countries and England. Husband was William Jackson born at New Orleans LA. Attestation of William Henry Smith. Affidavit… 8 Oct 1917 Residing in Moscow since 19 Apr 1917. “I am a variety artist and during the past 21 years have visited most of the large cities in Europe. I have contracted to perform in a theatre at Harbin China, where I shall go at the beginning of the year. From Harbin, I shall return to the United States. “ Names an uncle, Richard Brown of Portsmouth VA.

24 Oct 1918 applies at Shanghai, China for travel to the Philippine Islands and Hong Kong. States her father is George Jackson of Richmond VA, deceased. Statement by American Consulate General, Shanghai, 18 Oct 1918, “Lucy Jackson, whose application for an emergency passport is sent herewith, declares to leave for Manila about the end of this month. As noted on the back of her application form, she has not been in Shanghai sufficiently long to be able to secure an identification, but this Consulate General has no reason to believe that she is not entitled to an American passport.”

23 Apr 1919 applies at Manila, Philippines for travel to Hong Kong and India. Attestation by Bob Cowan, merchant of Manila.

9 Dec 1919 applied for passport in Calcutta, India for travel in Burma, Straits Settlements, Java, China, Hong Kong. Lists her husband as William H Smith for the first time. States she has resided in France from 1910 to 1911 and Egypt from 1911 to 1912 and various other countries. She names her father as William Jackson of Richmond VA.

14 June 1920 as Lucy Jackson Smith, applies for passport in Batavia, Java D. E. I. for travel in Netherlands East Indies, Straits Settlements, French Indo-China, Hong Kong and China. Attested by William Henry Smith. She names her husband as William Henry Smith of Philadelphia, retired.

29 Jan 1923 William Henry Smith dies in Shanghai.

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