Manila Philippines Nightlife – Makati’s P. Burgos Street – Manila Video

A walk down Manila’s legendary P. Burgos street, one of the red light districts, known mostly for Go go bars and Massage parlors. However I found that there are regular bars, unique and chill, fun people, mostly foreigners from many different countries who are out and about checking out the unique nightlife in the Philippines.


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  1. You seemed to be intrigue by the lady boys lol you sure stood there for
    awhile cruising.. You act so shyly and in denial but we all know you came
    back w one. LOL

  2. 필리핀은 대놓고 비아그라도 팔고 대놓고 성매매도 하는구나 …

  3. I like ur video editing with the music

  4. Oh its called P.burgo street? its locally known as “aids r us”

  5. yeah i liked that vid, that was good shit!!! Now go finish that beer, lol.

  6. Definitely this guys first time in a 3rd world country. You get very used
    to all the people offering to sell you stuff. It becomes just a shrug of
    the shoulders as your walking.

  7. Cool video. Have you tried a Screaming Nazi at the bar?

  8. If your hanging out in a red light district, do you expect the girls to
    pass out Bibles, most of them looked like lady boys anyway.

  9. i wont spend a single minute alone once i finally make it to Asia. :)

  10. Did you ever catch the magic show at the clubs?

  11. This place looks like a den of eniquity ,will be there in 5 weeks!

  12. All those girls were ladyboys? o.O

  13. Wow you can speak tagalog!!!

  14. Wow Philippines has lady 5 boys too 

  15. When was your video actually taken? Last time I was there was back in

  16. Thirsty ladyboys everywhere man that’s creeping me out

  17. My Father use to own a Condominium there on Burgos street way
    back in the late 70’s . I was just a young kid at that
    time. I grew up here in Canada. Some of the Girls there I
    see looks quite different. I don’t want to be rude or
    anything. I can tell by the voice and their features. I
    haven’t been there myself for more than thirty years. I
    doubt if that’s a safe area.

  18. I will take Ermita. ANY day.

  19. Depressing and filled with fat, lonely white men. Grim.

  20. a dayuhan cant even smoke a cigg without having 10 hookers asking u if u
    want a “massage”

    also the hookers n cops work together to pin dayuhans to get arrested just
    to bribe them for money to get off scotch free

    not really a good place to visit unless ur on some bull crap…..

    1000php they jumped up the price of viagra n cialis ahahaha barangay police
    are as corrupted….

    cool video but its not a good area to show for ppl…. 

  21. “Strike a pose”

    As a westerner, It always surprises me when westerners cannot tell a
    ladyboy from a girl. Virtually all those “strike a pose” girls are dudes! 


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